Newborn Arrival Gold Glitter One-Five Shirts- FREE USA SHIPPING.


All that glitters is GOLD, and your shooting star definitely broke the mold! Commemorate the year your baby came into the world  with these adorable Gold Glitter Numbered Shirts.

Each white puff sleeved t-shirt has either "one" " two" "three" "four"or "five"written in cursive across the front, and has a small heart accent at the end of the word.  

So when asked how old she is and your darling replies with the last number age she remembers, and her fingers are showing another, her shirt will be able to reflect the True as Gold answer.

Each numbered shirt is sized to fit the average child of that age. 
Ideal for birthday photos and to wear on her special day, this will definitely be one of her favorite shirts!
Get one of each and you'll be set for collecting photos for those fantastic time-lapse sets that show just how brilliantly your little star is growing. 
Hand Wash recommended to keep this tee looking fresh and new for as long as possible!
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