Wholesale Orders


Minimum order is 30 pieces. They can be a mix and match of items.

Are you in need of Custom Tees for your business? Advertise your business in a Unique Style that will grab the public's attention.

Our Premium Tees can be used to replicate your corporate logos, company designs, organizational symbols, marketing slogans, group emblems, school teams, etc. We can crystallize your artwork to make a stunning T-Shirt. 

Wholesale is offered to businesses, retailers, clubs and to individuals orders for 30+ pieces.

Resellers in the state of Illinois are REQUIRED supply Executees, Inc. a copy of your Illinois Dept. Of Revenue Certificate of Registration to waive the Illinois State tax charge.

Email in PDF format if applicable and all Inquiries to executees@gmail.com

**Shipping charges DO apply for wholesale orders.**



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